Delphie Spotlight: Growing the Media Team with VP of Digital Marketing, Kevin Hanley & Director of Media, Julia Piccone

In this ongoing series, we  illuminate open roles by going beyond the bullet points and chatting with Delphies about new opportunities on their teams. In this spotlight, we sat down with VP of Marketing, Kevin Hanley, and Director of Media, Julia Piccone, to talk about growing the marketing team and our new media roles.

The internal media function existed on a much smaller scale at Delphic at this time last year. How has this part of the team developed over the last year?

Kevin: It actually happened really organically. We do a lot of development and digital strategy work for our clients and, what we’ve found is that the journey begins way before the customer lands on the website – it begins when they first become aware of the brand – in the brand awareness and consideration stage. By utilizing improved targeting strategies and data-driven targeting, the ability to communicate with a customer before they reach they site was really within media.

Julia: Recently, the team has been really focused on finding efficiencies for our clients and internal process. We are constantly optimizing both aspects to make sure we’re being as effective as possible across our three main channels, paid search, programmatic, and social. One thing I’m really proud of is the growth we’ve seen in our paid search accounts and the ROI we’ve been driving for our clients across the board. We’ve been able to grow these accounts through of our constant refining of strategies and tactics especially with the help of our search bidding tool, Marin.

Can you tell us about the new roles? What would a typical day look like for them?

Kevin: The open roles are for an associate media manager, programmatic media manager, and a sr. media manager. The team starts their days very similarly – you get in, take a look at the previous day’s results – the rolling 7, 30, 60, 90 day performance data which points you in a direction of where you need to optimize and what you need to do to manage the campaigns. After daily insights and optimizations, we’d begin tackling the larger strategic initiatives of rolling out new tactics or brainstorming creative media, thinking about new and interesting ways to target the right person at the right time with the right message, which is core to everything we do.

Piggybacking off of that, why would the right person would want to join the media team? What’s in it for them?

Julia: I think first and foremost, the person who will want to join the media team and succeed in this role is very results-oriented but, more than that, wants to do really interesting work that’s going to push the envelope in terms of what data and technology will allow us to do from a media perspective.

Honestly, the technology is outpacing the strategic ideas coming out of media departments because, traditional media departments, even the larger digital media agencies, become comfortable. It’s become more about the margins and it’s easy to get a little bit lazy, whereas we at Delphic refuse to settle, we aim to always push the data and tech as hard as we can. For us, it goes beyond meeting a KPI to asking, “did this produce a great digital experience for a group of people?” If so, mission accomplished, that’s great. Ultimately, we want to do great work.

How do you foresee these new roles sourcing the latest information to create boundary-pushing strategies and reach the full potential of new marketing technology?

Kevin: We look to hire people who are already participating in the digital media industry from both a data and technology perspective. It will be expected of them not just to go out and bring ideas back but go out and share their own great ideas with both clients and the general industry, to help showcase thought leadership at Delphic in this space.

Speaking of knowledge sharing, what is the current collaboration style of the marketing team and how do you foresee these new roles fitting in?

Kevin: The marketing team’s collaboration style is free-flowing on an as-needed basis. Because it’s a smaller team, everyone works closely together and they all care about each others’ results and what we’re doing, so, it’s not only just collaboration with the media team but also the analytics and creative teams as well.

There’s a lot of problem solving involved in what we do – for example, tailoring client solutions within budget constraints – and that thought process is a lot of fun and makes collaboration really valuable for the team. For instance, for the last half of Q4 last year, for one hour every Friday we’d get breakfast and plan the strategy for one of our largest client’s 2017 fiscal year.  At the end of this process everybody commented that it was their favorite hour of the week because they could leave all the work and to do lists at their desks and come into this think tank for a few hours and just think creatively and ideate on how to make the best 2017 media strategy possible.  It’s still early, but I think we did!

Julia, what’s your working relationship with the rest of the team as Director of Media?

Julia: I work closely with the entire team every day. They have my complete trust and work autonomously on all accounts. I step in when a greater level of strategy is needed or to troubleshoot any issues. That being said, I’m happy to get my hands dirty and like to roll up my sleeves by getting into the platforms we use and helping out where needed. Ultimately, we work as a team and support each other all the time to make sure we’re doing our best work and having fun while we do it, kick ball games included.

How would you describe your management style?

Julia: Trust and accountability are big with me. I don’t want to micro-manage anyone so letting the team come to me with ideas and listening to what those ideas are is a large part of my management style. Ultimately, we are all on the same team and therefore this is a collaborative environment.  I want everyone to feel comfortable coming up with brilliant ideas and not being afraid to voice those ideas, it’s often where our best work comes from.

Are there any questions a potential candidate should ask themselves before applying for a media role at Delphic?

Kevin: Are you passionate about digital and digital media? If you could do one thing for the rest of your life and not get paid, would it be this? Are you ready to be a really integral part of the growth of a company? You’ll be stepping into a rapidly growing department and tasked with helping further the growth and if you’re all in, it’s such a rewarding experience.

Define the marketing team’s working dynamic in three words or less?

Passionate, noisy, fun.

This interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.

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