Delphie Spotlight: Building an Accounts Team Rooted in Flexibility and Collaboration with VP of Client Services, Danielle Rossi

In this new series, we’re illuminating open roles by going beyond the bullet points and chatting with Delphies about new opportunities on their teams. For our second spotlight, we sat down with Vice President of Client Services, Danielle Rossi, to talk about her Delphic experience, developing the Accounts team, and the open Account Supervisor role.

You’re a few months out from hitting your one year anniversary here at Delphic; how has your experience been so far?

I started at Delphic last May, and my experience has been great. I joined from the Philly agency scene and from the very first day, the culture has exceeded my expectations. For one, I’ve found that it’s the people that make Delphic unique. They’re the driving force behind everything we do, and what makes our work excel.

accounts_team_2How have you seen the client services team change during your time at Delphic?

The quick answer? We’ve grown. And, so have our accounts, which now require more of a team-based model to increase collaboration. Everyone brings something different to the table, and we really try to give our team a breadth and depth of different clients and teams to collaborate with, which, I think, makes the whole experience a bit more fun and enjoyable.

How many people are on the client services team right now?

We’ll soon to be a team of 12 with six members added since May 2016. Currently, we’re looking to add more Account Supervisors.

Let’s talk about the open Account Supervisor role. Beyond the bullet points of the listing, what is this job all about?

It’s an opportunity to grow with Delphic and provide new views into how to manage our clients. We’re looking for someone who wants to dig deep and think beyond facilitation. For us, the Account Supervisor needs to be someone who brings a unique set of hard and soft skills to the team.  

With that in mind, someone rooted in traditional marketing, advertising, design, and/or digital would be a perfect mix for us. There are a lot of transferable skills, so, someone who is passionate about joining Delphic is key. But, particularly curious about digitally connecting consumers and brands. Land the details. Drive big ideas. That’s what we are looking for.

What are some of the clients or industry verticals an incoming Account Supervisor would get to work on?

One of the things that’s really appealing about Delphic is that we’re solely rooted in digital. It’s in our DNA and it’s all we’ve ever done. We’re also industry agnostic so we cover a variety of different industries.  If you have an interest in a particular industry, you can usually find an account or client that will allow you to express your interest in that area.

It sounds like this role touches a lot of different projects. Can you share a day in the life snapshot of an Account Supervisor at Delphic?

Yes and no. No day goes as planned and every day is different but, that’s the best part about this type of role. You don’t come into the same to-do list day in and day out. We want active participators who bring their own ideas to the table.

The day’s events can be so unexpected; you may come in in the morning and have to shift gears quickly. A big part of our day is working to pull together different talents from within the agency. The Account Supervisor’s role is to pull people together and provide the spark that drives big ideas. A bit of wizardry.


Feeling like a wizard is definitely great motivation to join this team. Flipping the script, what are some challenges a candidate may face in this role?

Client services in general is all about client satisfaction and often, our clients are challenged with needing new ideas, having budget parameters, short timelines, meeting market challenges, and so on. Being flexible and understanding how to rally the team to address the client’s needs is key. This requires a lot of clear communication, concise direction, and genuine interest in the outcome to be able to forge ahead and make sure what needs to happen happens.

Why would the right person want this job?

This is an opportunity to work with a team of really smart people who work and breathe digital. It’s not often that you have such a depth of talented individuals at your fingertips on a day-to-day basis. This includes technical project managers and business analysts, strategic digital marketeers, savvy user experience and design pros, and super smart developers who work tirelessly to bring it all to life. It’s super exciting because you’re not just working in one channel. You’re really driving customer experiences that result in increased business for our clients. It’s a truly rewarding opportunity.

What questions should a candidate ask themselves before applying for this role?

Why do you want to be at Delphic? Understanding why you want to be here over anywhere else is really important to us. What we do is very specific. And there is not a one-size-fits-all methodology to how we solve challenges. You can’t just want to ride the wave, you have to want to be in front of it at all times. Delphic is a super fun place to be. And we are having the most fun when we are pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Some people dig that. Some people don’t.

accounts_team_1What’s something that stands out that you’ve learned during your time at Delphic?

As a Client Services person you always need to be flexible. To truly integrate into Delphic, I did a lot of observing and worked a bit to untrain myself from many of the classic tools and processes that I carried with me from previous agencies. Here, we have tools and processes, but we rely much more on teamwork and respect. In an odd way, less process works better for us than a more structured environment. It creates more opportunities to ideate and collaborate across teams.

I also quickly learned where Delphic thrives. Oftentimes, when challenges arise, we don’t know right off the bat how we’re going to attack them and that uncomfortable area is where we live best. It’s the place where we come up with our best strategies.

Describe your management style.

I like folks that can master staying organized and detailed. And I stick close to the work to provide a layer of support and thinking. But, I also really like to give my team the freedom to work independently and in their own style. My approach is a bit personal.

Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and check in with my team and their dogs! We talk about a show from the night before, a new restaurant someone tried, a workout studio coming into our neighborhood, and pass around dog treats. It’s important we connect on a personal level and not just a business level.

As a digital marketing shop, each day comes with a new set of unexpected challenges. A big part of my day is inspiring the team and fostering a creative environment that deepens working relationships. It’s about being engaged and not just sitting at a desk.

Our partnership as a team has led to higher retention rates of both staff and clients. Our client list is growing, and our team has doubled in size the past 12 months. We start every day with a little bit of fun and the confidence of knowing we have each other’s back.

Can you describe the team’s working dynamic in three words or less?

Dog-obsessed, dedicated, and friendly.

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