Delphic’s Holiday Snowflakes Win a Gold ADDY Award

Get out your shovels! Your beach shovels that is, because Delphic is celebrating Christmas in July with the win of a gold ADDY Award for the creation of our 13 DIY Snowflakes Holiday Page.

Christmas in July

DIY Holiday Paper Crafts: #FlakeorFluke

So what was Delphic able to muster up that brought home the gold? We created an interactive 2013 holiday page that focused on trending topics within pop culture combined with a hint of holiday spirit to create your very own DIY snowflake. As visitors scroll down the page, they are able to choose between 13 different snowflake templates of varying difficulty levels – from “Glue Fingers” to “Martha Stewart!” After creating a snowflake, visitors are then encouraged to decide whether it was a #flakeorfluke and share with friends on social media.

Are you wondering which snowflake had the most downloads? Our Analytics team tracked down the data and Ron Burgundy came in first, followed by The Hunger Games and The Big Bang Theory. Sorry, Miley.

About the ADDY Awards Ceremony

The National American Advertising Awards program recognizes the creative spirit and excellence of agencies around the country in one of the industry’s largest creative competitions. For one splendid night in Philadelphia, more than six hundred of the region’s top creative minds rubbed shoulders to celebrate big ideas and noteworthy achievements.

This year was Delphic’s first time participating and honorably received gold in the category of “Advertising Industry Self-Promotion – Creative Services and Industry Suppliers.” Way to go team!

Delphic Wins Gold ADDY Award

As Featured on Philly Ad Club’s Twitter Account (@PhillyAdClub)

What’s Trending: The #Oscars Selfie and Get Happy!

We all know (or at least I hope we all know) about the record breaking tweet from Ellen Degeneres that served over 32.8 million total views in only a 12 hour window! The topic was so hot at the time, that I decided “what a great way to make friends, let’s meander around taking ADDY Award selfies!” Soon after, the trend caught on and group selfies were being shot left and right during the ceremony. Here are three valiant Delphic selfies with fellow party-goers: Take 1, Take 2 and Take 3. Can you figure out who the Ellen was?

After attendees filled their stomachs and had a few (or more) cocktails, it was time to watch the award presentation. Immediately, smiles were seen all around as the opening video announced “Here’s an idea. Get Happy” as Ad Club members danced around to Pharrell’s triple platinum hit “Happy.”

What are you waiting for? It’s Christmas in July! So let’s get down to snow business… On behalf of Delphic, I invite you to cut your very own snowflake in celebration of our big win. Don’t forget to share your #flakeorfluke with us. Happy crafting!

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