Delphic Talks Big Data with Law Marketers

A special thanks to the Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group for inviting Delphic Digital to speak with law marketers about the importance of using data to mine insights from digital marketing efforts.

Our General Manager, Analytics & Optimization Anita Garimella Andrews led the session, which took place January 30th and was attended by law marketers from Dechert LLP, Ballard Spahr and other mid- to large-sized Philadelphia law firms.

“It’s exciting to speak with marketers from different industries that are just beginning to understand the power of data in their digital communications. They’re really eager to make that information start working for their businesses,” said Anita when asked about taking data and analytics outside traditional technology users.

In “The Law of Analytics: Why Data Matters for Law Firms and Their Clients,” Anita presented real-world case studies from her previous experiences leading an email optimization firm. Examples showed law firm marketers how businesses in the tech world and outside have successfully used Google Analytics to learn more about their customers and create more intelligent marketing.

“Most of the marketers who attended are using email to promote their firm’s services and to reach new clients. We talked a lot about taking that next step to employ data analysis to measure effort.” Anita’s presentation and audience questions focused heavily on honing in on key takeaways from Google Analytics to improve marketing value.

Anita Garimella Andrews’s next speaking engagement will be February 19 as part of a panel discussion on “Impactful Marketing on a Startup Budget” hosted by Philly Startup Leaders. Get your free tickets now to learn from Anita and other Philadelphia startup leaders.

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