Delphic Spotlight – Welcome Robert Fisher, Creative Director

At Delphic, we believe that the success of our company lies within the strength of our team–by selecting the best, most driven talent for the tasks at hand, we’re able to produce award-winning content that not only meets our clients expectations, but it also surpasses them.

So when we set out to find our Creative Director, we knew we needed to find The Best–someone who was driven, dedicated, and produced results that Wowed. It didn’t take long to know that Robert Fisher was the right person for the job, because I experienced Robert’s gumption firsthand when working on the launch of Martha Stewart’s website 17 years ago.

To say this project was massive was an understatement. During a time when the importance of a “Web presence” was a fairly new concept, my company was tasked was creating a companion website for Martha Stewart’s popular TV show. This would be her first foray into the digital world, and it needed to be perfect. In addition to this, Martha was entering the world of e-commerce: along with the new site, we would be converting her product catalog to an online marketplace.

It was a tough project with a tight turnaround, and Robert was the lead creative on the client’s side. As such, he was dedicated to making sure every pixel was perfect. There were a lot of long days and tough debates between his team and ours, but we got the job done and it was done right. To this day, that projects remains one of the hardest I’ve ever worked on. It’s also one of the projects I’m most proud of being associated with.

In addition to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Robert has also worked for heavy hitters such as Gucci, Prada, Subaru, Verizon, United Airlines, Georgia Pacific, Valspar Paint, Lowe’s, Equifax, Bank of America, MasterCard, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Turner Broadcasting (TBS), and dozens of medium and small businesses.

But Robert’s skillset isn’t just focused on his professional endeavors–his passion for beautiful and precise design is also the focus of one of his passions outside the office. Robert is also a letterpress printer–through the company he and his wife run, Echo Letterpress, he designs and prints artisanal stationery on their collection of 100+ year old printing presses.

I know I speak for the whole Delphic team when I say that we’re excited to have Robert on board. Great things are happening around here, and with Robert on board, we know beautiful things are happening, too.

Robert Fisher

Position: Creative Director

Position Overview: As Creative Director, Robert’s finely honed observations on consumer behaviour and preferences makes him a powerful resource to Delphic and our clients. He identifies what design elements speak to an audience, and knows just how to effectively incorporate them into a beautifully polished final product.

Read Robert’s profile for more details on his role, history and passion for design.

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