Delphic Spotlight – Meet Tim Breslin, Head of Technology

At Delphic, we firmly believe that the key to our success is finding great team members who align with our core values and are passionate about the work that we do. When we decided to add a Head of Technology to our team, we knew that the right person for the job would be tough to find.

Tim Breslin was the unicorn we were looking for. A tinkerer with a bend for science, Tim knew that he wanted to make a big impact and that it wouldn’t be amongst the beakers and enzymes of a traditional science lab. Choosing to major in computer science helped  him achieve his desire to “effect change in a greater way”.

Nearly twenty years and a work history littered with game-changing moments later, we’d say Tim is actively achieving that goal.

Work Snapshot

Tim can be classified as a true digital native. Having spent the first 10+ years of his career working at Philadelphia interactive agencies both large and intimate, Tim expanded his depth of knowledge to product and technology departments at companies in New York and Chicago. Beyond his experience leading and expanding internal technology teams and consulting for agencies, Tim also made a splash in the local tech start-up ecosystem as a co-founder of former social media marketing company Poptent in 2005.

After a decade across publishing, ad-tech, and start-ups, Tim’s desire to get back to the basics of “building something right, and building something awesome” brought him back to the agency world, and specifically to Delphic.

The common thread throughout Tim’s impressive career history is his dedication to collaboration as a means to create inspiring products and build diverse teams where innovation leads and effective processes follow. It is this common  thread that we are most excited to weave into the cultural and technical fabric that makes Delphic who we are.

Position Description

As Delphic’s new Head of Technology, Tim’s day-to-day consists of managing and mentoring both our .Net and PHP web development teams to create cohesiveness and efficiency across all the backend technologies we utilize for our clients.  He also works closely with our Managing Partners to build strategic and sustainable technological processes for Delphic and our clients that align with our overall mission, vision, and values.

Out of Office

We were excited to learn that Tim’s curiosity and diversity of interests isn’t limited to his work. His fascinating history includes chapters as a break-dancer, bike courier, and even a semi-pro skater. What’s Tim’s most recent adventure? Fatherhood. A proud dad of two young girls, Tim enjoys storytelling, being a proud Minecraft parent, and just generally hanging out with his awesome girls.

Favorite parenting story so far: getting his eldest daughter, Elodie, hooked on God of War when she was only two years old.


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