Delphic Spotlight – Meet Franco Maffei, SEO Manager

At Delphic, we believe the most successful SEO strategies are the ones that are built on good data. We’re not interested in cheap traffic that inflates your results without actually optimizing your business goals—instead, we focus long-term outcomes built on competitive research, compelling and structured content strategy, engaging UX design, and continuous technical audits and monitoring.

So when looking for an SEO Manager, we knew we needed someone who had solid experience with driving enterprise-level SEO campaigns, generating revenue through organic channels, and creating SEO solutions customized to the individual needs of each client.

And when we met Franco Maffei, we knew we found who we were looking for.

Position Description

As SEO Manager, Franco creates uniquely tailored SEO strategies using the top enterprise tools available, including Conductor, MOZ, and Screaming Frog. He ensures that sites meet the strict technical standards set by major search engines, and identifies and leverages key opportunities to increase traffic from natural search.

By applying these best practices to our clients’ properties, continually analyzing campaign performances, and diligently testing to ensure the most optimized results, we’re able to create SEO strategies that deliver results.

Work History Snapshot

Franco originally came on the scene as a copywriter for a Web development and SEO agency that serviced a variety of industries, including finance and real estate. His main responsibilities included creating content marketing strategies, reinforcing client’s branding efforts, and crafting specialized content that was both user and search engine friendly. Through his experience there, he began learning about the technical aspects of SEO and the algorithm, which he found very intriguing. This interest led him to become active in Philly search culture scene, and he soon began to frequent area meetups, knowledge shares, and networking events.

Soon, Franco turned his fascination with technical SEO into a professional endeavor after being hired as the SEO Lead at QVC. In this role, he designed and executed enterprise-level SEO strategies that focused on achieving business goals, aligning teams cross-departmentally, and maximizing site performance in natural search and helped mentor junior-level marketing talent.

Outside the Office

Franco lives with his wife, Jaime, and their son, Joe. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching ice hockey and is a dedicated Philadelphia Flyers fan. He also may or may not own more pairs of sneakers than any grown man should.

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