Delphic Sage Adopts-A-Family for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Delphic Sage!

Yesterday, you may have received an e-card from Delphic Sage in your inbox wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday.

In the spirit of giving this holiday seasion, Delphic Sage participated in the Adopt-A-Family program through the Greater Phila Cares organization. Delphic Sage was appointed a single mom who had been recently unemployed and her two children in need of holiday gifts. Greater Phila Cares receives requests from smaller organizations throughout the greater Philadelphia area that need help during the holiday season. The family Delphic Sage “adopted” came from Bebashi Transition to Hope,  a full-service HIV/AIDS case management agency with a special interest in serving low-income people of color with HIV disease. After weeks of collecting gifts, and a gift wrapping party, it came time to deliver the gifts to Bebashi. We were excited to learn that this single mother was recently hired after receiving job training from Bebashi – the best Holiday gift of all!

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