Delphic Marketing Goes Bing Pro (& You Can, Too)

The Delphic Digital Marketing team has gone “Pro” – Bing Pro. The Bing Ads team has done a great job of enhancing their Accredited Professional Program with an extensive Membership Directory showcasing certified Partners, Agencies, and Individuals. The Accreditation Center offers clear and detailed text-based training courses that align with the 100 question certification exam (the exam is also free for all participants). The entire Delphic Marketing team recently took and passed the exam with flying colors. Yay, us! If you haven’t passed the test yet, here are some tips for going Bing Pro.

Bing Certification Test-Taking Tips

  • Read the Text-Based Training Courses

    Each section is an easy read & many test questions are word for word from the training.

  • Keep the Bing Training Page Open in a Separate Tab

    When you are stumped, do a quick “Find” in the training guide to help find answers quickly.

  • Have Bing Ads & Bing Editor Open

    Familiarize yourself with reports, tabs & functionality within the UI & Editor. Most of these questions can be answered by clicking around in the tools.

  • Know Your Paid Search Basics

    Make sure you understand paid search basics including best practices for ad copy, bid & budget management, and keyword building.

Once you do pass, Bing allows you to create a personal profile for the Membership Directory highlighting your skills and experience with the ability to share your website and social media accounts. You will also be able to create a profile for your company or agency that your team can link to in the Find A Pro section.

Congrats, You’re Bing Certified… Now What?

So, you are certified… now what? Getting certified is one thing, but utilizing Bing Ads is another.

Unfortunately, Bing often gets pushed to the back burner when planning and optimizing paid search accounts due to the sheer size and prominence of Google. If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be “Don’t Forget About Bing.”

Bing generally yields less expensive clicks (lower CPCs) and often drives more efficient conversions (lower CPA or higher ROI). Last month, we increased spend to a client’s Bing account by 125% year over year, and were able to drive more conversions at a lower CPA. If you make an effort to stay up-to-date with ad copy, bid management, and negative keywords, you can expect very solid performance and growth from Bing.

Bing makes it easy to copy existing campaigns from Google, and unlike Google, still allows you to breakout mobile campaigns separately for better control. Bing has also rolled out many new reporting features & UI upgrades.

If you have been ignoring your Bing account – pick one campaign, optimize today, and see what happens! We would love to hear about your results.

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