Delphic Gives Thanks (2014 Edition)

Boy, how time flies! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is nearly here – it seems like just yesterday that we were making bold predictions about 2014, and now here we are, almost at the end of it. While not all of the various 2014 prophecies have come true (but hey, there’s still a month to go!), a lot has happened already this year that those of us here at Delphic Digital are incredibly grateful for and excited about. Therefore, in honor of Thanksgiving 2014, we’d like to share with you The Top 5 Things Delphic Digital is Thankful For, 2014 Edition. So, without further ado…

#5: Dogs

Just in case you weren’t already aware: we’re kind of into dogs.

More specifically, we’re into dogs at the office. This year, Delphic Digital was proud to welcome several new dogs into the Office Dog Class of 2014, rounding our grand total to 14 regular canine coworkers. We’re so grateful for these cuddly companions and the warmth, health benefits, and energy they bring to our environment. It’s a proven fact that bringing dogs to the office is a positive and beneficial initiative, that amplifies overall productivity of employees, fosters stronger bonds of trust between coworkers, and lowers stress levels across entire companies.

So, let’s hear it for the Delphic Dogs! We’re so thankful for you, and we look forward to working with all of you going into next year!

To learn more about the Delphic Dogs, check out this post by Delphic Partner Mark Patten.

#4: Bing Updates

Google tends to be a “hot topic” in the Digital Marketing world, but this year Bing finally made some key updates that have had our Marketing team here at Delphic pretty pumped up. So what exactly went down in 2014 for Bing?

Quickly summarized, major improvements were made to the user interface, which has done wonders for time management and navigating the platform; “getting around” is more intuitive than ever, making it more desirable overall to use Bing for advertising. In addition, some new features were released, such as:

  • Auto-tagging: Bing now handles tagging automatically for you, which can lead to more accurate reporting and reduced time spent on campaign management overall.

  • Online Insertion Orders: Fax? Email? What a pain. Forget about going through those steps, and simply manage insertion orders directly through Bing Ads or the Bing Ads API. Talk about easier budget tracking and account payment management!

  • Product Ads: A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Either way, pictures attract attention, and now advertisers can show their products on Bing and Yahoo search pages.

Delphic has taken full advantage of the autotag feature; it’s already helped us save a lot of time, and for that we are definitely thankful! The other new updates have also helped us make faster and more informed decisions regarding our various client campaigns. Way to go, Bing!

#3: Google Website Call Conversion Tracking

It was probably a given that Google would end up on this list one way or another. For our Marketing team, one of the better things to come out of 2014 for Google has been the Website Call Conversions update that arrived in August. Even with how much Internet usage has grown over the years, a big lead generation factor for many companies still comes in the form of phone calls (that happen, gasp!, away from the computer). Tracking these calls via online tools hasn’t always been easy; but now Google’s Website Call Conversions tracking capability has allowed marketers to gain insights into phone calls that happen AFTER a user clicks through an AdWords ad.

This is kind of a big deal: Now Paid AdWords campaigns can receive rightful conversion credit for users who prefer to call rather than enter their information on a landing page form. There are many people out there who don’t like typing, would rather speak to a person than stare at a screen, are paranoid about sharing their information online, and a myriad of other personal reasons – but that doesn’t make them any less important to track than those who convert online!

“What about Call Extension Tracking?” You might ask. This is a bit different than Call Extension Tracking, which only allows you to track calls made on a dynamic phone number served in the ad itself before a user clicks. Website Call Conversion Tracking, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to serve a dynamic phone number to users who click through your ad and then call the number referenced on the landing page. Call Extension Tracking also provides call details including length and date at the ad group level, and it involves just two pieces of Google code for implementation (easy as pie!). In addition, the phone number can be formatted to match the landing page style.

The absolute best part of all, though?? IT’S FREE.

So all in all, Delphic is definitely thankful for this update, as it allows, in the end, more value to be attributed to awesome marketing tactics. Oh, and did we mention the free part?

#2: The Decline of IE 8 (and Older web Browsers)

As we have continued to advance into the modern age, and especially as 2014 has progressed, there has slowly, but surely, been a decline in overall usage of older web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8.




We could not be more excited about the decline of IE 8 here at Delphic. Why? Because we love designing, optimizing, and coding for new technologies and devices.  We believe that upgrading a browser to the newest version(s) is critical for keeping up with the competition, advancements, and exciting innovations that are constantly surfacing within the digital space. There’s so much more you can do with modern browsers like Chrome and IE 11 versus that cranky old IE 8 who can barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone support responsive design (which it does not).

Speaking of responsive design…did you know that Google is now personally calling you out if you DON’T have a mobile-friendly site?  With IE 8, you might also want to forget about CSS transforms or transitions, gradients, text shadow, box shadow, border radius, and media queries. Oh, and the Javascript API is ancient, to say the least (check out for more info on what IE 8 can’t do!).   And something like Angular.JS – which is dropping IE 8 support – is only one addition to the Delphic toolbox we’re excited to share.

With the rise of modern browsers, companies not only have the potential to gain even more customers by using exciting and engaging browser interfaces and experiences, bu
t it’s easier than ever to market such optimized websites. Fewer and fewer older browsers are being supported by web tools, programs, and devices, and reporting analytics are finally starting to show a global response to these facts among both daily users and companies marketing to these users.

Here’s a recent visual of the global market share of browser usage in October 2014, as provided by the ever-useful W3Counter.

Bye bye IE 8!

So let’s hear it for the decline of Internet Explorer 8 and other older web browsers! We sure are thankful for browser upgrades! One day we hope to see IE 8 and its predecessors disappear completely from the market…but until then, we’ll be satisfied with a slow and steady decline.

#1: Our Clients

Where would Delphic Digital be without our clients? Honestly, I’d rather not think about it! Our clients are the driving force behind all that we do here at Delphic, and it is because of them that we are able to continue designing, creating, marketing, and optimizing the digital space.

The clients we gained in 2014, and those that have stayed with us throughout the years, have ALL helped us to take on new and exciting projects, and that’s definitely something to be thankful for. We are lucky to have some truly great client-agency partnerships, and we look forward to continuing and expanding them into 2015!

So What are YOU Thankful for?

We’d love to know what you’re thankful for this year! Share with us in the comments below, or tag us on your social media like Twitter and Instagram!

Wishing everyone a restful, happy, and delicious Thanksgiving!

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