Delphic Dominates Philly Tech Week

We had a blast at Philly Tech Week! With more than 150 events to choose from, it’s difficult to narrow down our favorites, but below are some of the top photos, moments, and insights gleaned from the incredible events we were able to attend this year.

Philly Startup Crawl

There are some truly incredible start ups happening in Philly right now and they opened their doors (and their kegs) for a night of networking. But, perhaps the highest moment of the evening was an EPIC ping pong match at RJMetrics!

It was really interesting to see some of the creative work spaces and office layouts. While high-rise office spaces of Center City are quite the opposite of the renovated mill building we at Delphic call home, the creative use of open floor plans and highly personalized work spaces was quite familiar. Cool extras such as foosball tables and large attention-gathering gongs were not only tech-industry chic but spoke to a greater understanding of workplace user experience.

Women in Tech Leadership: What Glass Ceiling?

This event brought together a diverse group of men and women to discuss the state of women’s roles’ in the tech industry. The panel consisted of female directors and CEOs from Wharton, Monetate, Johnson & Johnson, and more. This impressive panel addressed thought-provoking topics that ranged from pay-wage gaps to meeting etiquette. We even debated the title of the event itself.

What did we decide? We concluded that the “glass ceiling” still exists only if we let it exist. Women and men alike have the opportunity to achieve any goal through hard work and dedication. The discussion at Women in Tech was not how to break through a glass ceiling, but how to be successful and impactful in your career.

The Future of Digital Marketing

During the all-day Future of Digital Marketing, we heard from various Philly marketers who shared their perspectives on and strategies for great digital marketing and beyond. Below we’ve summarized a few of our favorite topics and key takeaways.

Social Marketing

The Archer Group gave us the rundown on their Wawa Hoagie Fest campaigns. First of all, how could us Philly peeps NOT get excited about Wawa’s Hoagie Fest. #Phillyproud. Spofford discussed four major campaigns and promotions launched surrounding the 2014 Hoagie Fest which included identifying influencers and sending them a free Hoagie Fest swag box, creating an app game for fans to play, capitalizing on hashtags, and also taking to the streets of Wildwood, NJ to hand out Hoagie Fest swag. These efforts led to a significant  lift in impressions, web visits, and even conversion rate.

The best advice for marketers is to start listening more to your audience. It is not just about pushing out the brand message. Instead, feel out what your audience wants and align your messaging with the ways in which they want to be reached/talked to.


RJ Metrics presented an interesting case study on branding and the evolution of their logo. (#YFronts!) Their logo design, like many companies, has evolved over the years and a recent redesign left some wondering why some were seeing “Y Fronts” in the new logo. For those of you that don’t know, Y Fronts is a UK slang term for underpants. Instead of hiding from the comments online, RJ Metrics dove in – running a survey online to find out if there was a measurable audience that felt their logo did in fact resemble Y Fronts. The data was compelling and RJ Metrics shared their story, gaining valuable press and securing future PR opportunities.

One of the most valuable things that presenter Robert Moore had to share were the ways in which he landed more speaking/writing opportunities. He explained how this helped both his personal and company brand.

At Delphic, we understand branding, since we manage our own! As a full service digital agency offering Creative, UX, Marketing, Web Development, and Strategy, we thought, who better to manage the Delphic brand than our own talented teams. Needless to say, you will be seeing more of us!

The Customer Journey

Various presenters touched on the importance of a seamless marketing experience, from digital to offline. So often in digital do we get caught up in driving web traffic, followers, and leads for the sake of driving volume.

At Delphic, we believe our job as digital marketers is to look beyond the number of visits and leads, and understand the how the users got there, and if they are valuable to our client. Delphic specializes in lead generation B2B and B2C clients, and with that comes a great responsibility to deliver not just a lead, but a qualified customer. Our marketing team works closely with UX and the development teams to provide the most efficient and effective experience once we bring a visitor or lead in the door.

…So what is the future of digital marketing?

Mobile? Video? Content? Quite frankly, we never received an answer to that question. But as digital marketers, we know there isn’t one answer. Digital is constantly evolving, and the future of digital marketing quickly becomes the past. Our teams at Delphic believe in executing the basics and implementing smart analytics, while constantly testing and trying new tools, strategies, and technologies for our clients. The future is always about understanding what tactics and strategies work for you or your clients to deliver the best user experience and results.

PhillyCHI 9th Annual Design Slam

“The challenge for the Design Slam was to come up with a solution for patients in hospitals who have trouble keeping track of all of their caretakers. It can be difficult for patients and their families to find the staff members to ask the right questions. It’s important to consider what is best for the all end users. Not all patients have access to smartphones and some may have visual or hearing impairments. Many solutions included charts with easy to read icons and color coordinating staff badges. Others used existing technologies such as the television or their room telephone. This was a great reminder that user experience and user interface is not only in Web design, but is present all around us.” -Leah

Dev Day Talks

Iain says, “Coolest thing was a talk by Cem Saraydar – he’s the director for a research lab at General Motors. He spoke about the various technologies that are being developed and how much more connected vehicles will be with each other and with all the devices we’ve got. Sounds geeky, but I loved it!”

Local Presence and Global Reach

Expanding your business to new markets? Start listening to your new target audience because what works for your brand stateside may not translate (literally) in a foreign country. Brands also have to be conscious about different cultural styles and tastes, and ev

  • Avoid idioms and sports references

  • Think about spacing. From English to French or Spanish you should be prep
    ared for +20% more copy

  • Localized messaging is more likely to connect and resonate with your audiences than generic “catch all” messaging

#TechInColor Speed Mentoring

Highlight: Really cool event format

  • 3-pronged engagement strategy

    • 1-on-1 speed mentoring

    • 4 small group discussions

    • Open area for networking

Takeaway: If you stay true to your values, learn as much as possible in every position, and say yes to opportunities, you’ll find yourself exactly where you need to be. Winding paths brought many of the mentors, which included non-profit directors, senior business analysts, developers, and product managers, to where they are today.

Philly Tech Week Signature Event

We loved coming together for a final hurrah with all the new friends we made over the past week. We also loved the ice cream bar!

While we couldn’t include everything that happened at Philly Tech Week, you can check out our Twitter or #delphieselfie for more #PTW15 from the eyes of Delphic Digital. Thanks for a great #PTW15 and we can’t wait to start planning some events for #PTW16!

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