Delphic Digital Gets the Responsive Treatment

Part of what we love about being an all-digital agency is being able to test-drive technologies and practices on our own pet projects. Since we can no longer expect visitors to engage with Delphic at their desks — global web traffic from mobile devices is up 6% over 2012 — we need to make sure we’re putting our best face forward on every screen size.

Delphic Digital Responsive Site

Updating our site to responsive design was a no-brainer. And one that our digital team embraced with arms wide open and coffee mugs topped off. The team used onMediaQuery to conditionally run javascript based on screen width (mobile vs tablet vs desktop) and LABjs for asynchronous concurrent loading to further juice up performance. This was key for us as mobile performance isn’t just about download it’s also the time spent parsing Javascript and CSS. By selectively feeding mobile devices only the assets they need we can keep the experience as fast as possible.

After giving us a shiny new logo in January, Delphic’s design team fleshed out our rebranded look in the new, long scrolling home page that use a larger modern scale and proportion. For visitors engaging with Delphic for the first time, the copy and bold background imagery introduce our brand voice, while the navigation and function are your first inkling of our tech chops.

Have we succeeded in creating a better experience? We think so. Click around, decide for yourself and let us know. We’d love to hear what you think about Delphic’s new website features and design. If we really like your feedback we might invite you to join the Delphic team.

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