Delphic Bookmarks: This Week's Digital Marketing Content We Loved

Each week I discover amazing new content about digital marketing and my bookmarks are starting to overflow with awesome. Out of the hundreds of posts I read each week, here are my favorites that I feel belong in your bookmarks, too.

How to Build Authority Within Your Industry

Kristi Hines tells us how to demonstrate our knowledge, get exposure and help others to improve online visibility and authority.

A Data-Centric Approach To Identifying 404 Pages Worth Saving

Annie Cushing explains how to find and compile your 404 pages and how to pull landing page and backlink data.

The Anatomy of 16 Great SEO blogs

Kane Jamison breaks down which WordPress plugins 16 popular SEO blogs use. (Over 200 across all 16 sites!)

7 Steps to Create a Viral Blog Post

  • Write longer posts
  • Include other types of media
  • Write about facts
  • Make your posts useful (be a resource)
  • Include social sharing
  • Promote other people’s stuff
  • Respond to comments!
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