Delphic Bookmarks: Digital Technology Content We Loved | August 5 – 9

TGI to the F. Another busy and exciting week has just about passed here at Delphic. Here are some links that stood out to me in Feedly and Zite:

Accelerate Your Site For Mobile

Google wants to add some serious wicked fast zing to the average mobile page load time. With average mobile page load times at 7 seconds, Google hopes to bring that down to under 1 second (for above the fold content) with a new PageSpeed Insights tool and new guidelines. Read on.

Analyze your site for both mobile and desktop:

Use AdWords To Target Travelers

Starting yesterday, the Google Maps app for iOS and Android now may feature ads in destination search results. These new ads stand out from the results with a small purple ad label indicator. Combined with last month’s improved navigational features, the Google Maps facelift is a welcome enhancement for users and marketers alike.

Digital Afterlife?

As we grow older and continue to amass countless online photos, blog posts, social media accounts, and docs, what happens to all of this stuff when you move on to the Great Gig In The Sky? Although it’s a bleak topic, it’s something that all digital folk face.

Nicknamed “Google Death”, the Google Inactive Account Manager allows you to specify what happens to your Google accounts after you …well, become “inactive”. You can either have them deleted or have reminders sent to alternate emails and phone numbers. Your digital legacy can live on!

Instagram Those Old Videos

On a lighter note, the recently released Instagram 4.1 now allows you to upload previously recorded videos from your mobile library. The videos can be longer than 15 seconds as well to import and whittled down once uploaded. Have a cool video from wayyy back in 2012? Give it some new life on your Instagram feed.


For previous digital marketing content we loved, travel back to July 22 – 26.

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