Delphic Bookmarks: Digital Marketing Content We Loved | Sept 27 – Oct 3

This week’s digital highlights give a shoutout to the copywriters. We know content is king (or queen), so let’s take a peek at some of the insights and practices web writers use to hold viewers’ attention. Whether you’re handling the writing responsibilities for your business, or looking to understand content marketing, you’ll love these links.

Oreo Envy: The Real-Time Marketing Myth

Everyone wants to be part of the real-time marketing game, but there’s a skill to succeeding in timing and tone. As one executive said: “Spontaneous wit takes practice; it doesn’t take planning.” Be smart and help your client go viral — for the right reasons.

Using Data to Make Ads Better

The two most important things to a copywriter are the product and the audience. The more behavioral data your team has about the target audience the better ads they can create. By looking at the swath of data available, marketers can create custom ads for different viewers to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Personal Branding for Introverts

Many of us in the digital world are perfectly happy hovering behind our monitors hammering out code or copy. We’ll blog 1,500 words about our favorite Star Trek episode or tweet in real time from the Geekadelphia awards. But recognizing us at the local coffee shop will only ensure a sputtering introduction and clammy handshake. If this sounds like you, click over to Dorie Clark’s personal branding tips for digital nerds introverts.

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