Delphic Bookmarks: Digital Marketing Content We Loved | May 3-10

The Clients I Can’t Afford To Take by Bill Sebald

This post is a witty and very accurate depiction of different client types. Luckily, Delphic Digital doesn’t have any of these, but Bill lays out what to do if we did. My favorite line comes in at the tail end:

“Oh, and if by chance you encounter a hybrid of all these client-types above, the only tip I have is… flee. I’ve yet to find any way to tame this three-headed egotistical, dictating, negotiating creature. That’s schizophrenia on a level I can’t even comprehend.”

Viral Marketing: The Short Story of a Targeted Email Campaign That Went Viral by Tzvi Balbin

This is an amazing post full of data and actionable insights about a successful email marketing campaign. If I had to rank my favorite post, this one would be the winner.

18 Ways To Make WordPress Fast As All Hell by Andy Forsberg

Speed is a ranking factor and Andy shows us how to speed up WordPress with some simple .htaccess recommendations and tips.


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