Delphic Bookmarks: Digital Marketing Content We Loved | July 22 – 26

TGIF! Check out some of this weeks interesting AND helpful articles that sparked my attention this week.

SEO Co-citation, Huh?

Have you ever heard of link juice? Sounds yummy, right? Well, sorry to disappoint but it’s not real juice. It’s a hydrating element of linking between sites that clues in Google and other search engines to give you better ranking in search results. Although the world of SEO is a bit obscure, it’s important to be aware of your online landscape and the ever-changing SEO environment. Where you link to and from matters. The concept of co-citation entails what is happening around your site links that affect your juice flow. This article from Search Engine Journal helps explain. If you’re thirsty, read on..

Confused? This article can take you back to basics.

Bland Content? Spice It Up

We all need to add some spice to our lives and remember your online content does too. Just as this Inc article explains, entertaining content doesn’t require song and dance, but with a little creativity, planning, and action provoking material, you can gain loyal readers. How do you kick it up a notch? These 6 tips will explain how.

Your Gmail Inbox: It’s Tab-tastic!

Wondering why your Gmail inbox looks different? Google is at it again with their new tab feature to help users remedy any inbox mayhem. In this article Mashable explains how to navigate and organize the chaos. Happy tabbing!

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