Delphic Bookmarks: Digital Marketing Content We Loved | July 15 – 19

Happy Friday! Check out some great links to interesting, thought-provoking posts we’ve kept our eye on all week.

Crack the Customer Code With Real-Time Segmentation and Predictive Analytics

This post takes a dive into big data – including all the places data comes from – and offers three key steps to analyzing “the direct and indirect relationships among traditional and digital touchpoints.” Then, marketers can develop personalization and personas (something Sitecore is great at!) to ultimately achieve “relevance in the eye of the consumer.”
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Why You Should Stop Hating Email and Start Celebrating It

Email can be overwhelming, annoying, tiring, maddening … and on and on and on. This post offers a unique take on what email really is, and how to embrace it.

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How Does Google Count Local Results?

This post gets pretty technical on how Google counts local results (from the traditional 10-result SERP to 7-result SERPs through blended local results), but is worthwhile if you’re a marketer who has local SEO needs…and/or questions about the magic of the Google algorithm (and who doesn’t?!).

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For previous digital marketing content we loved, travel back to June 28 – July 5.

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