Delphic Adventures: Halloween Edition

Here at Delphic, we tend to follow the general life philosophy of “work hard, play hard” – or, in the case of our most recent Delphic outing – “work hard, get terrified!”

Delphic has made it an official October tradition to brave Philadelphia’s famous Eastern State Penitentiary’s “Terror Behind the Walls” haunted house, with this year being the third and arguably scariest year of our spooky outing. The Penitentiary continues to go above and beyond hair-raising expectations with each new room and theme: from zombies to giant tree monsters to insane killer clowns, there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

With perhaps our biggest haunted house crew to date, Delphic started off the night at Jack’s Firehouse bar and restaurant across the street from the Penitentiary, where many nervous first-time “Terror Behind the Walls”-goers were thankful for a few drinks to “take off the edge.” After an hour or so of schmoozing, eating, and drinking, we were ready to enter the haunted house.

Last year, “Terror Behind the Walls” introduced a whole new level of nightmare with their glow stick program – wear a glow stick “tracking device”, and mark yourself as agreeing to be touched by the actors, and dragged into tunnels and secret passageways! Despite my own mantra of “hell no”, many of us, however, were already “Terror Behind the Walls” survivors from the year before, and were eager to wear a glow stick this time around and truly test our courage. Those who agreed were subsequently taken into secret tunnels, separated from the group, and grabbed by zombies and monsters – I, of course, hardly noticed their absence, what with my own screaming…despite “Terror Behind the Walls” best efforts, however, we all managed to make it through safe and sound!

Delphic had an awesome time at “Terror Behind the Walls”, and we encourage anyone in the Philadelphia area who truly wants to experience a really well-done and pretty ridiculously frightening haunted house to give it a go – if you dare, that is! Just keep in mind: the monsters and special effects may not be real, but it all takes place inside a REAL abandoned Penitentiary… so who knows what actual ghosts could be lurking around a dark and gloomy corner…

Have a favorite haunted house or Halloween attraction? Share it with us in the comments section below! Maybe some of us will be brave enough to try it out!


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