CX Forces Align: Delphic Joins Hero Digital

Today is an amazing day for Delphic Digital. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with Hero Digital, a top customer experience (CX) company.

Since Lance and I first met, we both recognized the promise of marketing technology. When connected to a client’s brand promise, compelling and personalized customer experiences at mass can be created both on and off-site. This market opportunity has fueled Delphic over the last five years, averaging 50% growth year-over-year. And though we are based in Philadelphia, our clients hail from VA, FL, OH, CO, CA, IL, TX, MA, NY as well as Canada and the UK. We have built a uniquely positioned, financially strong CX agency with a significant commitment to our people and a culture that makes it fun and rewarding to go to work.

So, why are we doing this? Candidly, we didn’t need to do anything. We weren’t even looking. That said, we have always been open to many different growth paths – organic, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships. Our story created a lot of suitors, but our bar was very high. Beyond the usual considerations, critical factors for us included a shared vision of the marketplace opportunity, cultural fit, character and integrity, and perhaps most important of all— the well being of our people.      

From our initial calls with Hero, we were intrigued. After meeting their leadership face-to-face, we were practically giddy. What an incredible agency, Hero Digital. We couldn’t believe the shared views of the market, our similarities, but also our synergies. The growth story we still find to be an unbelievable accomplishment, one we have never heard another agency even come close to achieving. When coupled with alignment on the importance of our people and the positive culture that surrounds us all, we started to think this partnership made sense for all of us.  

And so we started the process of getting to really know one another. Presentations, face-to-face meetings, calls, emails, texts, knowledge sharing helped both sides get comfortable that this felt right. And so here we are.    

Moving forward, there are so many things that have us excited. We’re thrilled to add Adobe to our expertise, strengthen our Sitecore relationship and bring customer acquisition to the Hero services mix. We are thrilled to continue in an entrepreneurial environment that can both compete with leading CX agencies, but also run circles around them because we remain nimble. We look forward to building on our shared cultural values together. And we look forward to continuing to surround ourselves with the most talented people in the agency world. We’ll achieve all this together as one team– Hero Digital!  

Follow us on our next chapter.

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