Customizing A Twitter Page Design

We recently decided to update our Twitter page with a new look. We’ve found ourselves connecting with more people as of late through this social media phenomenon (or as we like to call it, “trend”). So we felt it was crucial to establish our brand identity amongst our newest followers.

As far as the design goes, there’s really not much to customizing Twitter. You basically get to choose some colors for the scheme and drop in a background image. So its not really about much more than answering the question “what should i make for the background?”.  We could go ahead and slap a random image of something that looks cool up there, but we wanted to carry our visual identity over. And we wanted to inform people WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO. We also included some photos of ourselves to remind you all that we are people speaking to you. I constantly remind myself that its important to put faces with names in the internet world. Adding a personal or human element in this age of technology is very important from my perspective.

There are technical limitations to be mindful of though. Normally web designers and developers have the liberty to position the background image in a variety of ways (left, right, center, specifying coordinates of the position, opacity level, repeating or non-repeating, “x” or “y” repeat) but the only thing Twitter lets you do is repeat it or “no-repeat” it. And there’s no positioning at all so it can only sit left aligned. The limitations are fine but it would be nice to have a little more flexibility on the behavior. Twitter folks, can we get some alignment styles or x-y-repeat happening? Thats pretty simple, no? So other than that, other things to be mindful of are screen resolutions. When designing, try to make sure your design looks ok in a smaller browser window. Ours doesnt hold up too well on the small screens, but we kinda pick our battles nowadays and we know most of our audience is viewing on larger monitors. So make sure you know who is following you!

All this being said about our new look, we may find ourselves changing the look and feel often since its so easy to implement. Look out for frequent updates.

Check it out and follow us!

NOTE:  For the design direction we browsed the internet for some inspiration. There’s not that many showcase galleries out there. Tons of sites just give away backgrounds as “twitter backgrounds” but none really feature the usage as nicely as this site. Some clever approaches here!:

ALSO:  No twitter bird was harmed in the creation of the graphic for this post. Only organic soy-based dyes were used to colorize the bird.

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