Philly Tech Week 2016: Customer Experience Marketing with Delphic Digital

Brands can now build bonds with consumers faster than ever because they are smart with their content – because they now have enough data to know that you don’t show a mini-van to the guy who’s having a midlife crisis, and they’re using that data to make that guy’s experience better.

The systems of today can optimize the user experience with every visit. This shouldn’t be viewed as Big Brother or creepy, it’s actually the right thing to do if implemented correctly. Helping the user find information they need while guiding them to fully enjoy their user experience is the ultimate digital marketing achievement, right?

Join us on May 5th as we celebrate Philly Tech Week with an interactive panel on which Delphic’s Management Team will discuss the new age of customer experience marketing, the roles user experience design, analytics, and marketing automation play, and customer personalization hits and misses. The Customer Experience Marketing promise is here. Are you ready?

Added bonus: We’ll have chips, guac, and margaritas on deck in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

Interested in attending? Check out our PTW event page. We look forward to seeing you there!


PTW16_Panelists 2_moderator



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