Cross-Device Attribution: The Rubik’s Cube of Digital Marketing

Cross-device attribution can be a perplexing Rubik’s-cube-like issue. Understanding customer’s behavior is challenging enough, but add in multiple devices per visitor across multiple channels and you got yourself a complicated puzzle where all of the pieces must be brought into exact alignment.

Digital consumers currently own an average of 3.64 connected devices, according to global web index. As more and more devices are brought into the home, cross-device attribution will continue to grow as a priority for digital marketers. Despite this growing need to understand consumers behavior across devices, traditional marketing tools and tactics are failing to deliver the complex attribution capabilities digital marketers are looking for.

Recent reports show more marketers are planning to make cross-device attribution a priority in the coming year, however those same marketers do not feel confident in their abilities to capture their customer’s behavior across multiple devices. Quoted in a recent eMarketer report, a 2016 survey by Econsultancy found:

“[while] investigating the gaps between digital priorities and capabilities at companies in North America, “matching customers across multiple devices” was mentioned as a digital priority by nearly three-quarters of the marketers polled. Yet only 14% of marketers in the same survey said their company had the capability to handle such matching, a gap of 60 percentage points.”

Why can’t many digital marketers get the hang of cross-device attribution? The marketing ecosystem continues to grow in size and complexity forcing us as digital marketers and analysts to invent new ways to capture, connect, and digest this plethora of data.

That is why Delphic Digital has created relationships with some of the best attribution and digital display vendors in the business; to provide precious, albeit hard to get (for some), cross-device and cross-channel attribution data to our clients. And they are loving it!

Are you having trouble understanding your customer’s behavior across devices or have questions about cross-device attribution?  We’d love to help!

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