Community Websites Get the Full Delphic Sage Treatment

Sunrise Senior Living’s Independent Full Service (IFS) community websites recently received a new look and feel with the launch of an elevated, clean design that sets them apart.

The design showcases the elegant communities, focusing on hero images (with fantastic imagery) on the homepage that include testimonials from the residents themselves – a perfect entryway for potential residents to begin their journey through each site.

Web fonts were used throughout the navigation (and in each Community’s location on the homepage) to add an even more unique look and feel to these microsites. Our designers were excited to work outside of traditional constraints and move beyond creating websites with standard, web-safe fonts.

On the back end, our savvy Sitecore developers embraced Sitecore‘s multiple template inheritance for ease of use in sharing templates, resulting in Sitecore objects that are not only easy to use, but easy to repurpose for future projects. We love being efficient!

Sunrise IFS got the full treatment from Delphic Sage – our SEO team thoroughly optimized each microsite, and our QA team did an outstanding job testing before we went live. We’re proud of all of our teams who helped launch this project successfully. Kudos, Sagers!

Community website redesign example

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