Choosing a Content Management System: 11 Factors for Buy vs. Build

Choosing A Content Management System

Assessing how much functionality you need today and in the future is a good place to begin. Like Microsoft Office, most people only use a small amount of the offered functionality. Complicated features can leave many users feeling overwhelmed. While this may not always be the case, it is important to assess your immediate and long-term needs with the end user in mind.

Factors for Choosing the Right CMS

  • What kind of permissions, workflow and versioning will you need
  • What functionality is required – product catalog, eCommerce, partner extranet, reporting, etc.
  • What other systems does it need to connect to – CRM, accounting, ERP
  • Is it likely to scale and extend
  • What technologies align with your organization
  • What is the computer skill level of your admin users
  • How many sites will you be supporting with the CMS
  • What sort of localization features will you require
  • What resources will build and support the site – are they one in the same

To Buy or Build a CMS?

Below is a list of the key questions to ask when considering whether to buy or build a Content Management System.

1. What sort of release schedule exists – minor and major

2. Will I need access to the source code now or in the future

3. If I need to get out, what would that scenario entail

4. The stability of the vendor – especially SaaS

5. What support options are available

6. How big is the install base

7. How vibrant is the supporting community

8. How widely adopted is the CMS

9. How much can I bend it to fit my requirements if needed

10. What language and database are utilized? Are they in-sync with the skills you have in-house

11. Implement vs. customize – these are two different thing

Our Approach to Content Management Systems

At Delphic Sage we’ve consider ourselves a consulting company more so than a traditional digital agency. This stems from our focus on listening and understanding a client’s business goals and objectives first. We then assess how to best use web design, web development and digital marketing to achieve those goals. When it comes to selection of a Content Management System (CMS) the same approach applies. Whether to buy or build depends on your short and long term business requirements. We use a mixed approach of custom (developed from our code base) and Sitecore, a leading CMS for middle market to enterprise size organizations. The approach we choose depends on each client’s requirements.

If you’re just beginning to look at the various CMS offerings, I recommend checking out CMS Wire.

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