• How Apple Applied Nielsen’s Heuristics to Improve the Emoji Experience

    Finding the right emoji in my iPhone is frustrating. Very. Frustrating. I know exactly which emoji I want to use, but I struggle to remember which icon it lives under in the emoji keyboard. In this post, I apply Nielsen’s Usability Heuristic of recognition rather than recall to Apple’s emoji keyboard and outline the stages of evolution of the improved emoji experience in iOS.

  • An evening with PhillyCHI and Jared Spool

    A few weeks ago, a few Delphies went to see Jared Spool speak at a PhillyCHI’s event at The Wharton School. As a UX designer and longtime Spool twitter follower, I was excited to see him talk about design and metrics. I am sharing what I learned in the form of sketchnotes from his talk, titled “Is Design Metrically Opposed?”

  • Working Through a Creative Block: 8 Surefire Ways to Get Back on Track

    As a Web designer at a digital agency, my job requires me to be creative—all the time. It’s easy to say that design is a learned skill, and to an extent this is certainly true, but design is so much more than just moving around pixels in Photoshop. Good design requires research, data, a creative eye, and a lot of thinking. The bottom line: it takes time and patience, and sometimes trial and error.

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    DXV: A Holistic Approach to UX

    Overview: Oftentimes, clients task us with creating digital solutions that not only efficiently and intuitively guide customers to their product, but that also support their search configuration and backend infrastructure needs. In plain terms: They want their site to look good and work well. For DXV, a luxury product line for American Standard, a streamlined […]

  • Designing Custom Icon Fonts

    Remember Wingdings? Zapf Dingbats? You know, the random symbols hanging out at the bottom of your font list? Well, unless you’re David Carson, you probably never put these icons to use. But the the benefits of using icons as fonts rather than images are impressive.   The Pros: Scalability: Resizing font icons is as easy […]