• New Site for Client With Big Reach

    With a deep history and great pride in the products and level of service they offer, Hajoca Corporation desired an impressive corporate site that would ultimately drive users to their nationwide locations. The Delphic Sage team quickly went to work on creating a visually compelling and CMS managed site for this leading supplier of plumbing, […]

  • Accume Partners Web Site Launched

    We were very happy to provide a well-deserved facelift and updated sitemap for internal auditor and advisory services provider, Accume Partners. Balancing a pretty varied audience, the updated design and architecture of the site now more closely matches the professionalism and culture of Accume Partners. Congrats to the entire team for a job well done!

  • List of Official Google Blogs

    Google is no longer simply a search engine; it offers an extensive set of tools, features, and applications to increase users’ productivity, knowledge, and organization. Even casual visitors to the Google products page become quickly aware of the wide range of possibilities. Through Google, users can create blogs, share their photos, manage their email, and […]

  • Is _____ dead? (An Unordered Top 10 List)

    One of the more annoying memes of the past few years is the wave of blog articles in which the title follows the “Is _____ dead?” naming convention. These titles are meant to get us into such a tizzy that we just must click on the story so that we can get in there and […]

  • Review for the G1’s Shazam and ShopSavvy Applications

    For the last four years, I carried the crummiest phone one could imagine. When I recently brought it into the T-Mobile store they all gasped in horror as I presented my prehistoric beeper of a handset, hairline fractures held together by scotch tape and all. Needless to say, buying the new T-Mobile G1 was a […]

  • Augmented Reality – New Wave of Commercial Advertising?!

    I’m not sure if there is anything more annoying than an ad that completey covers a news story that you are reading or scrolls across the screen without warning. Somewhere on the ad (that is probably not even relevant to what you are reading) is a little hidden “X” that takes you 3 minutes to […]

  • Chrome – The new guy.

    Google Chrome! On on September 2, 2008, Google released it’s own web-browser, Google Chrome Beta. Chrome uses components from WebKit and Firefox to make a PC web browser. Since I am a MAC user, I’ll only encounter Chrome via Parallels. So… I’m not sure what part of the market share I make-up and can’t account […]