• blog_regex_guide

    The Marketer’s Guide to RegEx

    You know that feeling when you find out something that could have saved you time and your head just slouches forward? That was the moment I had when learning that RegEx is not as scary as it looks and is really very relevant, effective, and time saving for analysts and marketers.

  • blog_2016_trending_toys

    Trending Toys for the 2016 Holiday Season

    As the holidays get closer and holiday shopping reaches its peak, it can become hard to choose the right gift for everyone on your list. Luckily for us, eBay has given users a look into their real time data of the most popular electronics, fashion items, and toys across the country. Using this data, we’ve created an interactive map to help the holiday-crazed shopper pick out the perfect toy for every child in their life!

  • blog_tableau_conference_2016_day2

    Tableau Conference 2016 Recap

    As a first-time attendee and stereotypical millennial, it was absolutely thrilling to attend a conference in Austin, Texas focused on all things Tableau software and adhering to the principals of “work hard, play hard.” Tableau has a tradition of putting on an exceptional show. If you haven’t attended this conference before, allow me to walk you through what makes it so special and worth your effort to attend next year’s conference in Las Vegas.

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    Tableau Conference 2016 – A Newbie’s First Day

    Yesterday was my first day, of my first conference, ever. What a conference to start with! This week, I’m in Austin, Texas for Tableau Conference 2016, which has the most attendees the data-visualization company has ever seen and a Costco-sized bag of announcements. In this post, I briefly touch on those announcements so far and my experience at this huge event.

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    Popular Halloween Costumes Visualized: Dethroning the Princess

    If you’re anything like me (or the rest of the Delphic Digital team), October 31st is a date you look forward to every year. And like clockwork, each year it’s hard to ignore the mass of people dressing up as as their favorite character or trending pop culture icon. With Halloween spending reaching an all time high this year at $8.4B, Delphic set out to investigate exactly how much pop culture influences Halloween costume popularity?

  • blog_digital_analytics_hub2

    Digital Analytics Hub Conference – Part II

    In my first post about my experience at the Digital Analytics Hub Conference, we covered the event’s unique discussion format of “conversations, not lectures.” The overall theme of stimulating thinking and encouraging an open, honest dialogue among attendees was one of my favorite aspects of the conference. In this post, I recap key takeaways from a few sessions I attended.

  • blog_digital_media_simplify_part3

    Digital Media Simplified: Part 3 – Differentiate

    In Parts 1 and 2 of our 3-part series “Digital Media Simplified,” we guided you through understanding the vast data and technology available and what you can do with it. In the closing installment of the series, we break down the final, and perhaps most important, key ability: How to differentiate what will make your brand stand out from the noise.