Call us Delphic Digital

We’ve been working quietly (and furiously) behind the scenes for the past few months on a pretty sweet project that we’re finally ready to unveil. Allow us to introduce the new Delphic Digital.

Delphic Digital

Our new name says who we are and what we do to those meeting us for the first time. Two words that convey the expertise we provide and the world we inhabit. Delphic Digital clients look to us for insights into their digital ecosystem. Our steadfast promise is to build, market and optimize the digital experience for our client’s and their customers.

For many years we have maintained a low profile while we quietly built out a powerful, digitally focused team. The new name directly communicates that sole focus – digital experiences. Frankly, we‘ve got a nerdy obsession with helping our customers exploit the cross-section of technology and marketing to create those breakthrough digital experiences and we’re going let people know about it.

Then we thought of all our old friends who call us Delphic (yeah, agencies have nicknames too), and we wanted them to have something new too. So we gave ourselves a whole new look.

Our design team researched various symbols and marks that would evolve the Delphic brand while still paying homage to the sage aspect of the strategy and insight we offer clients. The new Delphic Digital mark fuses the foundation of the digital world – the pixel – with a slightly abstracted ancient greek spiral imprint. The spiral has historically symbolized infinity and continual progress aligning with Delphic Digital’s continual pursuit of better solutions by converting digital data into actionable insights.

Logo Process

We’re going to be making some noise in 2013, and starting the year with a new name and brand sets that tone. Delphic Digital is growing in size and intellectual gravitas, with even greater things on the short-term horizon – this is really a new beginning.

When I asked the Delphic Digital team if they were ready to make some noise, I got a pretty great answer. Bookmark the Delphic Digital “Make Some Noise” Spotify playlist to scope our employees’ choices for rocking out at the office. Queue up your favorite track and then view our services and case studies to learn more about Delphic Digital. And stay tuned, we got a lot more news on the way.

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