Boost your SEO with an Editorial Event Calendar

We know that websites rank better when relevant, fresh content is added to them as often as possible, but for most of us, the thought of churning out content on a regular basis is daunting at best. Enter the SEO Editorial Event Calendar – a great way to organize and attack the need for fresh content by touting your company’s events.

This type of calendar works well with entertainment events (if Lady Gaga is coming to your venue, you definitely want to feature that on your website, of course!), but it can also be modified for other types of events as well. Hosting a fundraiser? Sponsoring a festival in support of your community? Write about it on your site so that when users come looking for information, they land on… you.

An SEO event calendar serves three purposes:

  • An outline of events that users will be interested in attending, therefore interested in searching about
  • A plan for providing relevant, unique content for each event that ranks well so that users land on your site (versus other competitors or other sites) after they search
  • A way to be ‘on-trend’ by providing useful content to users exactly when they’re looking for it. They’ll then move deeper through your site to interact with even more content, ideally sharing what they find with their Social Media universe

Steps for Creating an SEO Editorial Event Calendar

  • Create a list of all events (as far in the future as possible but at least one month in advance to event occurring)
    • Determine which events you’re already covering on your site and make sure you’re promoting them (through email, social, PPC, etc.)
  • Identify at least two events per month that are new/popular or a standing engagement (part of a series like “Monthly Poetry Night” or “$1 Margarita Night”)
  • Add any events that your company is sponsoring
  • Add any known competitor events/products and their release dates to capitalize on opportunities to distract attention from those releases (some politicians are really, really good at this one)
  • Use Excel to organize your list by date and priority (the more popular the event, the higher the priority), then create a “Due date” column for adding content about each event to your site. Aim for at least 1- 2 months before any big event, and as soon as possible for standing engagements

Use Backlinks & Unique Content to Boost Your SEO

Backlinks to unique, relevant content on your site will help increase Domain Authority, PageRank and ultimately, traffic to your site – and an SEO Editorial Event Calendar will help guide you through the content creation and distribution part of the process smoothly and efficiently.


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