Back in the Saddle Again…

Last week I talked about how online marketing has changed during my career. This week I’ll share my history, and why Delphic was the right next step for me when I joined as a Managing Partner in January.

It’s been 4 years since I was at a pure agency, and Delphic Digital may have the most solid tech and development arm I’ve seen. As a business developer and digital marketer with experience on the agency and client sides that started when I was 24, this was a decision I did not take lightly.

My first agency was on Madison Ave (technically it was 3rd Ave, but you get the idea). I was an account coordinator and my boss asked me to type a letter on my 4th day of work. I did just that, printed out an envelope and paperclipped it to the letter. The CEO saw the envelope and was so excited that he called me to his office. He asked me to teach everyone how to print envelopes. Three months later Netscape 1.0 came out; a client asked for a website and the CEO said: find that Lance kid, he knows computers.

My next move was to Modem Media, where I began my 18 years of agency life. I’ve owned my own agency twice during that span, and each move has taught me something new – about business, technology and leadership. I had my first “corporate job” when my last agency was bought by a client. The new culture was a different experience, and one that taught me a ton about working on the client side.

When it came time to figure out my next step, I took some time looking around, and considering which side I wanted to participate in the digital marketing practice. I consulted for both big brands and startups, including Interim CMO for VC-backed company. I networked my way around Philly and even took a long look at heading back to NYC.

During that time, my wife and I became friends with Mark and Tracy Patten. We had many long conversations about the agency world, including about Mark’s own agency, which was growing in a time when other agencies were making cuts. Over (mostly friendly) morning tennis matches, Mark and I talked shop and realized we both loved the business. More importantly we realized that we also had similar visions how digital marketing has changed.

I have learned something from every agency and every business I’ve worked. In the end, what I discovered that I loved most was the energy that only an agency can bring. The need for speed, the fast moving approach to solving a problem for an array of brands keeps me engaged. All while I don’t and won’t have to spend time in a large corporate building where there is inevitably someone who thinks data does not matter, social is just a fad and mobile is just something people do to chat it up.

I love the never-ending feeling of landing a client, managing a young hungry team and organically growing a business you know and love. Delphic Digital checked all these boxes for me, and allows me to do what I do best – grow brands, manage a business and work with awesome, creative people.

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