• Structured Markup – Schema.org, Rich Snippets and Lady Gaga

    The benefits of structured markup for SEO have long been lauded, though often without much concrete details. After conducting a test we’re able to pinpoint some correlations of schema.org markup and organic search ranking improvements. Also provided context and details for why structured markup is valuable (beyond rankings) and how it should be done. Structured […]

  • Google My Business: Google Local Upgrades for Bulk Management

    Google has another update for businesses, and unlike the Google Algorithm updates, this one is intended to be genuinely helpful for all. Google has rebranded its business listings center of confusing names (Google Places for Business, Google+ Local, etc) to “Google My Business”. Google My Business offers many of the advanced features the Google+ Local […]

  • Detailed Guide to Local Search Optimization and Ranking

    Google has progressively made changes over the past few years to local search results displays, from rolling out Local Carousels to reviews displayed in company knowledge graphs to all the changing inclusion or display of the local pack of results in SERPs.  With all its new additions and updates, the path to businesses showing up […]

  • What Do New gTLDs Mean for SEO?

    As new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) become available, many business and Internet marketing agencies are contemplating the possible benefits of utilizing a new gTLD to create a second version of their site. Is this beneficial from an SEO standpoint? Before we dive into possible SEO benefits, let’s take a step back and clarify what […]

  • The Case for a New, Robust Content Strategy

    For years now, content has been considered the “king” of Internet marketing. The strategy started with writing pages and including keywords, evolved into including keywords on press releases, and then moved towards writing short blog posts on the targeted keyword and sharing across social media networks. That was a content strategy fit for a king. […]