• Last Call! Philly CHI Happy Hour hosted by Delphic

    Delphic is excited to host PhillyCHI on Thursday, May 21st, for some happy hours at Manayunk Brewery. We’re serious about digital chops and eager to talk to like-minded folks, so come and enjoy some drinks on beautiful Main Street and talk shop while finally enjoying spring! We’ll be there from 6-9pm. What’s PhillyCHI? PhillyCHI is […]

  • The Delphic Wireframing Process

    What are wireframes? Wireframing is a key first step to a successful web design. Before we start to actually design or code a website, we must do some planning. Wireframes show structure, content, information architecture, and functionality. They are not meant to represent the visual design so they use minimal color and font styling. The […]

  • Meet Our Copywriter

    Max Weinstein-Bacal has a knack for copywriting that’s hard to replicate. His masters-only technique does wonders for our clients, as well as Delphic Digital! Read on to learn a little more about him in the following Q&A session: 1) Current position Copywriter for Delphic. 2) Current position description If there’s words involved, chances are I’ve […]

  • Understanding and Using Web Fonts: Part 3

    In a previous blog post on fonts we discussed web font formats, now we’ll get into how to use them. The font files themselves are included on the web server, so the CSS knows exactly where to retrieve it. Use the @font-face rule within your CSS stylesheet, name it using CSS’s standard font-family property, then […]

  • Understanding and Using Web Fonts: Part 2

    In a previous blog post on fonts we discussed why using web fonts is a good idea, now we’ll get into the different web font formats. TRUETYPE As a scalable outline format, it replaced the common bitmap fonts that were used for screen display. It evolved into the standard format for system fonts because it […]

  • Understanding and Using Web Fonts: Part 1

    Web designers have been restrained to creating websites with standard, web-safe fonts to ensure compatibility across different browsers. Luckily, now web fonts are easy to use and just as compatible. They allow us to use unique fonts for blog headlines, regular page content, and other text. Even elements that would have used images can now […]