• Email Still Rocks

    As I start to roll into my 20th year of online marketing I think to myself, “email is still an amazing thing.” It’s such a strong tool, and yet, so many brands are still underutilizing this most basic of communication. If you think it’s old school, think again. Think about how much direct mail you […]

  • Back in the Saddle Again…

    Last week I talked about how online marketing has changed during my career. This week I’ll share my history, and why Delphic was the right next step for me when I joined as a Managing Partner in January. It’s been 4 years since I was at a pure agency, and Delphic Digital may have the […]

  • It's All About the Data…Duh

    Online marketing has changed so much since I started as an account coordinator on Madison Ave. When businesses first started going online with a website, they rarely incorporated their digital presence into their “traditional” marketing efforts. Online advertising consisted of banners bought on a CPM basis that were thrown against the largest sites in hopes […]