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    Hijacking, Stuffing, and Stacking – A Hacker’s Delight

    This blog was written in collaboration with Senior Marketing Manager, Cristie Setzer. Last year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau admitted that 36% of Web traffic was non-human traffic. In fact, some estimates claim that as much as 50% of Web traffic is fraudulent. Ad and traffic fraud can inflate your impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and pageviews […]

  • Google Analytics Summit 2015: The Power of Together

    We need to remember the people behind the metrics we see. Actions happen in micromoments. That wasn’t an abandoned visit – it was a baby awaking from a nap. That wasn’t a forgotten video paused halfway through – it was time for dinner and will be finished tomorrow. It is about people reacting to what […]

  • The Downside of Knowing (Almost) Everything

    As an analytics group, a portion of our time goes toward tagging – deciding what should be tagged, how to tag it, and the metrics those tags will provide.  As analysts are wont to do, we like the linear approach of determining business objectives, followed by developing key performance indicators (KPI), wrapping up with a […]