• 6 Resolutions for Creating Reader-Friendly Content

    Come December 31st, 2015, I want to feel good about my accomplishments for the year. And you know what feels good? Clearly communicating my messages to friends and family, colleagues and clients. No, that might not be as fun as taking five weekend getaways, but it is more fun than giving up dessert or losing […]

  • Pocket Power: Mobile Email Marketing Makes Its Mark

    2013 was a watershed year for pocket power, with more than 1 billion smartphones shipped to consumers. The data also show us that users are also shifting more of their daily desktop functions to their smartphones – in November, mobile email opens crossed the 50% level for the first time ever. With more smartphones in […]

  • Are You Realizing the Potential of Your Referral Traffic?

    If you’ve ever been asked, “How did you hear about us?” when paying for your goods at a local shop, take a second to answer what seems like idle cash register chit-chat. Because it’s not. For a business owner, it’s worth risking a polite intrusion across the cash register to find out how you found […]

  • Marketers Beware: Don't Spook Your Social Media Audience

    The instant feedback loop that makes social media so exciting for companies is also the channel’s biggest challenge for marketers. For every brand with a viral real-time marketing tweet like Oreo dunking in the dark, the world watches a brand’s reputation swirl down the drain in a Facebook comment thread, like the restaurateurs featured on […]

  • Clarity is Key: Making Content That Gives People What They Want

    You have more competitors than ever in today’s attention economy. With such a short window for capturing your online visitor’s attention, you must be laser focused on delivering the desired result before an unexpected bell and whistle comes barging in. And if this weren’t hard enough already, many times our first step is to tell […]

  • Intellectual Property in Content Marketing for the Digital Agency

    This is a guest post featuring the views and opinions of an industry professional, which may not represent those of Delphic Digital. Creating content is the way a digital marketing agency forms relationships with the Internet generation. In the past, television and print advertising ruled the world. Today, people go online to socialize, watch movies, […]

  • Art, Copy, Code: Marriage in the Interactive Agency World

    David Ogilvy would love today’s interactive advertising agency model; he was, after all, a man who valued research and understood the power of data. “A consumer is not a moron. She’s your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything. […]

  • Iterate or Die: Digital Marketing and the Internet

    Digital marketing is a luxury. Sure, we’re not going to get the glory of the most-talked-about Super Bowl spot, but we’re also not poring over printer’s proofs and staying up all night running press checks. We’re up late coding and watching web data come in. Digital marketing is a luxury because — with apologies to Delphic […]