• A/B Testing: Where do You Start?

    Good Marketer know that it’s not just about what exists on a website right now. It’s about what can be changed to make it better – from a conversion perspective, or a user experience perspective, or both. A great way to get to the “better” is through A/B testing, and with tons of software solutions […]

  • Are Your Email Lists Tip-Top?

    As Marketers, we all know that email is a powerful tool for our marketing mix. Did you know just how powerful? Check out these stats from the DMA’s 2013 study:¬† Twenty percent (or more!) of overall revenue is generated through email marketing for more than half of the organizations surveyed¬† Email marketing makes up 60% […]

  • So You Want to Run a Usability Test?

    Usability testing is a great way to determine how an audience uses a website. It helps answer questions like: Can users learn the site efficiently? Is the website memorable? Are there unknown user errors? What’s the level of satisfaction with the site? A usability test will enlighten us Marketers, Designers, and Developers on user experience […]

  • How to Unpublish Pages in Sitecore

    As marketers, sometimes we create a webpage that’s not yet ready for “prime time.” Or sometimes we don’t want a page that’s been published to appear on the front-end of our website any longer (like pages promoting expired quarterly marketing campaigns, for example). Both of these wants can be easily satisfied with a few simple […]

  • Our Digital World: Google Glass

    Google Glass. What is it? Just another fad that technology nerds (like us here at Delphic) go crazy about? The key to a new Wall-E world where we’re all plugged in, all the time, no longer communicating the old fashioned way, face to face? A digital marketer’s dream? Answer: maybe none, or all of the […]

  • Leader in Senior Care Gets Responsive Design Treatment

    We are excited to announce the launch of SunriseSeniorLiving.com in Responsive Design – the design approach that optimizes for whatever device visitors use to navigate a website, from desktop, to tablet, to smartphone. This project required heavy lifting from our Front-End development team as each type of view (desktop, tablet, mobile) called for a different […]

  • Community Websites Get the Full Delphic Sage Treatment

    Sunrise Senior Living’s Independent Full Service (IFS) community websites recently received a new look and feel with the launch of an elevated, clean design that sets them apart. The design showcases the elegant communities, focusing on hero images (with fantastic imagery) on the homepage that include testimonials from the residents themselves – a perfect entryway […]

  • Boost your SEO with an Editorial Event Calendar

    We know that websites rank better when relevant, fresh content is added to them as often as possible, but for most of us, the thought of churning out content on a regular basis is daunting at best. Enter the SEO Editorial Event Calendar – a great way to organize and attack the need for fresh […]

  • So What is Pinterest Anyway?

    This is a question we’re getting a lot – from clients, friends, family (my Mom asked me to find some table decorating ideas on Pinterest for our Easter dinner table just this weekend ) you name it…and with the news last week that Pinterest is now the third largest social networking site in the US, […]