• Mad-Lib Your Landing Page Headlines with Customer Data

    You’ve found out what your customers like about you and organized the results – now put this information to work for you in creating effective landing pages. Your customers have told you five things: Purchase prompts Problems solved (in the form of a WHaLP assessment) Why you? (organized as a messaging hierarchy) Adjectives describing benefits Who’s […]

  • Two Questions to Ask Before Split-Testing that Landing Page

    Great – we’ve persuaded you that split-testing can improve conversions on your landing page. Let’s get down to the specifics of how you go about doing that. Effective split-testing does not involve randomly changing things on the landing page and seeing what happens. Instead, you need a hypothesis about what is working and what isn’t, […]

  • Five Tips for Creating that Content Magic

    The challenge with content marketing is continuously creating content. You may feel overwhelmed trying to keep up, but careful planning — and repurposing material — can make you feel like the sorcerer and not like his poor apprentice, Mickey. Here are five tips you can use to create content magic. Think big. When repurposing content, […]

  • Top Ten Tips for Successful Landing Pages

    We’ve talked quite a bit about landing pages and conversion over the last few months – here’s a summary of the top ten points to remember. Match the headline on the landing page to the text of the ad that led there. Remember, you can have as many landing pages as you want, so don’t […]

  • Best Practices for Registering Users on Your Website

    A major hurdle to converting website visitors is registration — 86 percent of consumers admit that they have just left a site when asked to register, and 88 percent say they have provided false or incomplete information. To prevent this, you need to reduce friction for both of the two most popular routes to registration, […]

  • How to Use Voice-of-Customer Data to Shape Future Content

    Creating copy that converts is simple: Write an attention-grabbing headline and slap it over an irresistible offer. You can find out what will grab potential customers’ attention – and what offer they won’t be able to resist – by talking to your current customers. Voice-of-customer (VOC) data can help you write successful copy by letting […]

  • What Does it Take to Make a Viral Video?

    It’s official — the “Gangnam Style” video has passed a billion views. On a planet with a population a tad over 7 billion people, not all of whom have Internet access, that is a heck of a lot of views. Marketers everywhere want to create videos with that kind of viral impact. Some are searching […]

  • Six Legs of an Inbound Marketing Campaign

    Like an insect, an inbound marketing campaign has six legs. Unlike an insect, though, an inbound marketing campaign shouldn’t make you squeal like a little girl — in fact, inbound marketing isn’t scary at all. First leg: A solid strategy Don’t do anything till you know what you want to achieve, and have mapped out […]