• 4 Advantages to using MongoDB in Sitecore

    Sitecore announced recently that they will be utilizing MongoDB as the backend store for the Sitecore Experience Database. This move brings a lot of power and flexibility to how data is collected and stored. Read on to find out more! For developers, MongoDB is a great choice for this platform. Here’s why: Sharding – Storing […]

  • The Heartbleed Bug

    The Heartbleed Bug struck the internet this week, but it was festering for two years before even being detected or reported. This is a major flaw, as Bruce Schneier put it, with its severity being an 11 out of 10. Read on to find out a bit more about it. Heartbleed attacked a flaw in […]

  • Sitecore and Code Reusability

    As a software developer, I always relish in that moment when I realize that a client’s request for functionality can be fulfilled using some code that I’ve already written (we developers call this “reusability”). My first step with any new project is to determine whether the functionality goal fits in the same abstract mold as […]

  • Developer's Tool Belt – Node.js

    As a software developer, 100% of the time I’m looking for a quicker and easier way to accomplish a task. Obviously, it must also be correct. I would love to write reusable software every time; however, sometimes I just need a one-time, quick, useful application that does what I need and does it well, is […]

  • New Hire: Anthony Thomas, Back-end Developer

    A warm welcome to Anthony Thomas who joins our team of back-end developers. Anthony comes to Delphic Digital having worked on Radar software for the Department of Defense and for the Atlanta Bicycle coalition’s website. Anthony graduated from Georgia Tech in 2008 with a Bachelors in Computer Science. He has helped share his field knowledge […]

  • Task Notification with Google Talk via XMPP

    Internally here at Delphic Sage, we use an in-house built task system for assigning bugs or tasks, and to generally get stuff done and / or keep track of it. It has your basic functionality… create and assign tasks, change the status or resolution, add comments. It has become slightly more advanced when we integrated […]

  • Experiments in Javascript: Multicast Delegate

    There are quite a few blog posts out there about “doing window.onload the right way”, albeit from 2007. I looked over them, and took issue with the hard-coded feel that they had.  For instance, a function that returns a function, but takes two functions, and no more, as arguments. I came across an instance where […]

  • Code Expressions to Programmaticify Your Umbraco Site

    I recently became aware of a construct in C# and ASP.NET that will solve all of your property binding problems. As a special case I’ll examine how the Umbraco Macro is buggy in this regard. Current Methods of Programmatically Specifying Control Properties There are a few ways that everyone knows how to specify control properties […]