• Review for the G1’s Shazam and ShopSavvy Applications

    For the last four years, I carried the crummiest phone one could imagine. When I recently brought it into the T-Mobile store they all gasped in horror as I presented my prehistoric beeper of a handset, hairline fractures held together by scotch tape and all. Needless to say, buying the new T-Mobile G1 was a […]

  • 20 push-ups an Hour

    Nerds getting in shape – Physical Fitness Benefits at the Work Place. “I sit in font of a computer for 8 hours a day.” This is the MO of the modern work force and it’s obviously bad for your body. I’ve been part of this culture for three years and I already feel the side […]

  • Good Looking Bike Rides – Manayunk to South Philly

    Seasonal Gems! The fall season is upon us and as year round cyclist I’m begining to appreciate the change in seasons more and more. Though October may yield shorter days and chiller nights the sunsets on the ride home are getting better and better. Its hard to pay attention to path ahead when the best […]

  • Chrome – The new guy.

    Google Chrome! On on September 2, 2008, Google released it’s own web-browser, Google Chrome Beta. Chrome uses components from WebKit and Firefox to make a PC web browser. Since I am a MAC user, I’ll only encounter Chrome via Parallels. So… I’m not sure what part of the market share I make-up and can’t account […]