• Sass? Yes, Please!

    I will be the first to admit, when I initially heard about Sass I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, even though colleagues of mine were saying it was the “next big thing.” A quick Google search brought me to the official Sass site, which featured some code examples. At the time, I said, […]

  • Leveling Up Your Sublime Text Through Packages

    I love Sublime Text. It is my go-to text editor for coding websites. It’s a spectacular piece of software that the majority of our front end development team here at Delphic uses on a daily basis. One of the best parts of Sublime Text? Packages: a collection of resources that gives you the ability to […]

  • Crafty Resources for the Front End Developer

    Hello! At Delphic we live on the web. Everyday my colleagues and I share information on how to improve upon current practices as well as share links to websites that can enhance our daily workflow. Today we will look at a handful of these front end developer resources and how they can help us be […]

  • Introducing CSS3 into Your Web Projects

    CSS3 is super terrific! It is the most recent standard of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and it contains a powerful set of tools to help us code designs using minimal hacks and less image bloat. This allows us to cut down on page loads and can help users to have a better experience when they […]

  • New Hire: Front-End Department

    Delphic welcomes new hire Dan O’Kane to the team. Dan dove right into the workload, helping us launch the recent Sunrise Senior Living responsive website, so he’s been hard to track down to share some background. Tell your new fans a little about yourself, Dan. I joined the Delphic team as a front-end developer, taking […]