• #SEO Principles For Hashtags

    Twitter transformed the pound symbol, or number sign, into a “hashtag” and completely revolutionized social media.   The hashtag is a great way for tagging tweets, instagram photos, and facebook posts with topics,  in order to gain more visibility within the network. However, many people make critical mistakes with their hashtags that make me cringe. […]

  • Philadelphia Says – Take Our Family Feud Survey

    Calling all Philadelphia residents, locals, and lovers: Delphic Digital needs your help with this fun survey! As part of our totally awesome office culture, we have quarterly outings and happy hours. We’ve done beer olympics, trips to Eastern State Penitentiary, and happy hour at a local bowling spot (with amazing tater tots!) to name a […]

  • International Marketing, Marketing Tips & Philadelphia Favorites

    Q&A with Delphic Digital’s Director of Marketing, Josh Finkelstein. Watch the video to find out Josh’s thoughts on international marketing, tips for a marketing beginner, and his favorite spots in Philadelphia. Questions:   You’ve done marketing in the US and internationally in London. What are some constants and differences you’ve seen across marketing in different […]

  • Google Update: Panda 4.0 (Panda-monium!)

    Oh no, here we go again. Another Google algorithm update has just been released, Panda 4.0. The first Google Panda algorithm update, originally rolled out in February 2011, was targeted at sites with little, or low-quality content. However, small business sites with less content began losing out to larger brands. The small business and SEO […]

  • Using Content to Get Not Provided Keyword Data

    In 2013, Google began encrypting a higher percentage of searches with their migration to secure search, hiding organic keyword data whenever a search is done via secure search. As a result, more branded and non-branded terms have been grouped into a (Not Provided) bucket in Google Analytics. With less available data, Not Provided has been a […]

  • Should You Say Goodbye to Guest Blogging as an SEO Tactic?

    Guest blogging was once a respected way to receive valuable insights from reputable sources. In some cases, it still can be. However, the practice of guest blogging for SEO and link building purposes has become increasingly spammy over time and is no longer a recommended source of links. In Matt Cutts’ recent article, he references […]

  • Getting Started with SEO Software Conductor

    Hi all! Delphic uses Conductor Searchlight as our primary SEO software and we love it. Conductor has allowed us to offer clients a greater amount of information along with a visual representation that’s easy to digest. Conductor has partnerships with Moz, SEMrush, and Adobe, and can be integrated with Google Analytics, plus additional data sources […]