• An Introduction to Managing Client UAT

    The phrase “UAT” is a familiar one within the software development world, but what do those three letters really stand for, and more importantly, what do they actually mean in terms of project timelines and success?  As someone who has been working in the web development world for several years now, with experience in both […]

  • Intro to Requirements Gathering

    So often, those of us in the digital agency world tend to focus on our individual roles when it comes to project planning, mostly to ensure that projects are being tackled by well-rounded teams. Every project needs management, creative, development, quality assurance, and marketing at key stages, but it’s important not to lose sight of […]

  • QA For Lead Generation: Why Testing Your Forms Matters

    When it comes to lead generation, form submissions are arguably the most important part of the conversion process. Especially for a company that relies on leads to bring in new business, it is a digital marketing best practice to include at least static forms on all site pages, as easy access to forms is critical […]

  • Delphic Gives Thanks (2014 Edition)

    Boy, how time flies! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is nearly here – it seems like just yesterday that we were making bold predictions about 2014, and now here we are, almost at the end of it. While not all of the various 2014 prophecies have come true (but hey, there’s still a month to go!), […]

  • Delphic Adventures: Halloween Edition

    Here at Delphic, we tend to follow the general life philosophy of “work hard, play hard” – or, in the case of our most recent Delphic outing – “work hard, get terrified!” Delphic has made it an official October tradition to brave Philadelphia’s famous Eastern State Penitentiary’s “Terror Behind the Walls” haunted house, with this […]

  • Save Time Testing Submissions with Selenium IDE

    Marketing departments love forms. “Contact us!” “Sign up for our newsletter!” “Create an online account!” Forms submissions are the life force of lead generation: without them, sales opportunities drop significantly. Therefore, in terms of best quality assurance practices, it’s critical that a company’s online forms are tested periodically, as well as during each new build […]

  • Intro to QA Lingo: 10 Key Quality Assurance Terms Explained

    Brooke Kelly answers the question: “What is QA?” and breaks down the process of Quality Assurance when it comes to your website. Quality Assurance: the ever important practice of making sure things work. Where QA lacks the innovative experimentation and flashy creativity of development and design, or the leadership of project management, it makes up […]