• Designing Custom Icon Fonts

    Remember Wingdings? Zapf Dingbats? You know, the random symbols hanging out at the bottom of your font list? Well, unless you’re David Carson, you probably never put these icons to use. But the the benefits of using icons as fonts rather than images are impressive.   The Pros: Scalability: Resizing font icons is as easy […]

  • Advice From Our Search for a Junior Web Designer

    Delphic Digital has a new Junior Web Designer! When we started looking for a junior web designer this past month, for the first time in my young career, I was tasked with reviewing the incoming applications and handing out the esteemed interview invitations. The honor of an interview only went to a select few. Since every […]

  • Photoshop Basics in 10 Steps or Less

    Photoshop is an amazingly powerful tool. But if you don’t use it on a daily basis, like I do, it can seem pretty overwhelming. The best way to become a Photoshop expert is to get in there are start using it! So instead of describing the many tools of the program, I’ll show you what […]

  • How to Find Fantastic Photographs on iStock

    Photography plays a huge role in design. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A good photograph stirs up emotion, conveys a message and inspires us. We’re not always lucky enough to have a client with a budget for custom photography. In such cases we turn to stock photo sites. The concept […]