And The Oscar Goes To…Teamwork!

Choosing the Best Dressed at the Oscars last night is proving to be just as difficult as it must have been for the Academy to pick just one Best Picture. These stars prepare for this moment for weeks, and it’s not just them – it’s an entire team that helps them to prepare for what could be the defining moment of their careers. Having a rock star team behind you is crucial when it comes wowing the Academy. In fact, watching the Oscars got me thinking: just like movie stars, companies also need a strong team behind them when becoming a frontrunner in their own industry. To show you what I mean, here are just some of the parallels between a Hollywood team and a digital marketing team that help you in gaining the edge over your competition.   

Director of Marketing – Your Producer. This is the person responsible for big picture thinking. Not only do they make sure that your project is on track, but they also help to identify the right strategies and implement the right mix of marketing tactics to help your company reach its goals.

Account Executive – Your Personal Assistant. Day in and day out, these are the people you go to when you need actionable items met. They create plans, coordinate work and are essential to keeping marketing efforts on track, and smoothly at that.

Search Marketer– Your Agent. This particular role has become invaluable when it comes to helping your company be seen by the right audience, while ensuring that each and every move you make is aligned with the overarching goal. By conducting industry research, finding out what people are searching for and carrying out a work plan to ensure that your business is appearing in the right places at the right time, a search marketer leads efforts to increase visibility online both organically and by paid search.

Social Media Manager – Your Publicist. Public relations is so much more than a press release. Stories, images and videos can go viral, and the social media manager is responsible for working with the copywriters, designers, digital marketing team and account executives to make sure that your story is being told online in a way that will connect you with your target audience. They also oversee what is being said about your business in the online world, gaining actionable insight into the wants and needs of your consumers.

Graphic Designer – Your Stylist. You know what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. So, it’s no coincidence that these artists are a key component when it comes to drawing a successful business model. Graphic designers ensure that your brand looks fresh, up-to-date and in-touch with the latest style, while visually communicating your image in a positive, progressive fashion.

Web Developer – Your Film Editor. This tech-savvy individual is there to ensure that each and every online initiative you make is executed in a compelling way that’s fully responsive to your audience. By converting developed content, graphics and media components into compatible web formats, they help to lead efforts to increase visibility and profitability online.

While marketers may not be filling the red velvet seats on Oscar night, they do make all the difference when it comes to bringing home the real prize – good business. Or, if you’re Emma Stone, an Oscar made out of Legos. (We still love you, Emma!)  

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