Active Social Media Users Prefer Social Logins on Websites

Almost half a billion people (483 million) are active daily Facebook users, according to the company – and three-quarters of them think websites should offer the option to log in by way of a social media account.

A recent survey by Janrain reveals that when the option is available, 41 percent of active social media users log into a website via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), instead of either creating an account (35 percent) or logging in as a guest (24 percent).

Even those who do complete a registration form do not necessarily provide accurate information: 88 percent of the survey’s respondents admit that they have provided either false or incomplete information while registering on a website. And if they return later and don’t remember their log-in name or password, 90 percent will leave the website rather than answer a security question or request a password reset.

These numbers make it clear that social-media users are quite unlikely to stick around if they feel inconvenienced by the log-in process. This can be a problem for you, because they are also the ones who are most likely to actively use their social media accounts as part of the purchase process:

  • 78 percent have posted online about a product or service they like, or that they think others should know about or purchase
  • 83 percent say they are influenced by the positive comments and recommendations of others in their social network when considering a new product or service
  • 69 percent say positive reviews may increase the likelihood they will purchase a new product or service
  • 82 percent seek out or avoid companies based on comments from others in their social network

Clearly, these numbers mean you should consider adding a Facebook sign-in option. You should also investigate the possible downsides, though. For instance, analysts anticipate that Facebook might start charging for the interface, which is currently free. The uncertainties around this have many taking a wait-and-see attitude.

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