A Fond Farewell from Delphic Digital

Over the past thirteen years, we’ve seen Delphic grow as a company, as a brand, and as a team. Our client relationships have flourished beyond one-off project launches into impactful partnerships, and we’ve had the honor of supporting many of these relationships through webinars and industry speaking events.

Similarly, our partnerships with vendors, particularly Sitecore, have grown far beyond what we could have imagined years ago, when we became the first Sitecore certified agency in Philadelphia. Getting to know the people behind the product has been a pleasure and we look forward to building upon those relationships in this next leg of the Delphic journey.

Last September, we announced that Delphic was joining forces with Hero Digital, a San Francisco-based customer experience (CX) agency. When we shared this news with the public and our respective teams, our optimism for this partnership was based on our aligned goals and similar cultures. Now, as we’ve started to work together and integrate our teams, our excitement for what’s to come has exponentially increased, based on the incredible results and teamwork we’ve witnessed so far.

That said, this new beginning is paired with a bittersweet ending. This month, we’re officially retiring the Delphic brand and will move forward as Hero Digital. Consequently, this site and our Delphic social media channels will no longer be actively managed. Moving forward, we invite you to join us via the Hero Digital website, blog, and social channels, as we pursue our goal of creating the strongest independent CX agency in North America.

We look forward to further building on our shared cultural values together and continuing to surround ourselves with the most talented people in the agency world.

It’s truly been an incredible ride and we’re excited for our next chapter.

Here’s to new heights, new team members, and a new adventure,

Mark Patten & Lance Hollander

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