5 Ways to Move the Needle with the New Google Analytics Demo Account

For years, those of us that work in Google Analytics have been clamoring for a demo to share with clients. Ideally, this mockup would be populated with realistic dummy data, rich insights, multiple features, etc. After all, try before you buy (or before you invest hours and manpower) is a concept that we all love. We’ve been waiting, and now, the wait is over.

You (yes, you!) can access the Google Analytics Demo Account here (click on the blue “Try The Demo” link). And a bit more detail can be found here.

“But why do I care”, you ask? Great question, I’m glad you asked! There are a number of reasons that this can help move the needle for your situation:

  1. Comparing platforms – There are many alternative analytics products out there to consider when launching a new website: WebTrends, Adobe Analytics, to name a few. Or maybe you are using these other platforms and aren’t pleased with what you are able to do with the data. We have clients who have been in all of these situations. Well, the Google Analytics demo is a complete, standalone example of an account that will show you what it can do so you know if the platform best fits your needs.
  2. eCommerce – Some of you out there might have a website and are considering adding an eCommerce store. Or maybe you’re building your business from the ground up. If you’re looking for how Google Analytics can record the complexities of eCommerce, the demo comes populated with ecommerce data that you can poke and prod to your heart’s content.
  3. AdWords and Search Console data – Whether you are paying for your traffic (AdWords) or earning your traffic (SEO), understanding the richness of the data you can integrate with Google Analytics is extremely important. But many clients we have worked with don’t have these integrations set up. You can now see what you’re missing and what else you could be utilizing for your marketing efforts.
  4. Goals (with funnel visualizations) – If you aren’t using goals in Google Analytics, you could be missing valuable information about your visitors. The demo comes pre-populated with goals and funnel visualizations to give you a better understanding of how you could use this data for your own site.
  5. Attribution Modeling – Data is the new bacon. And attribution is the new way to consume that bacon. The demo gives you a deeper look into the basic attribution modeling data that you might not have access to in your own profile. This could open the conversation with your marketing agency about using the Google Analytics data, or investing in a third-party attribution solution (ask us, we have opinions) that will give you the 360 degree view of your customers’ digital habits.


Google also touts a few additional benefits to the demo in their blog post here. Some of those include Checkout Behavior Reporting, Self-Learning, and Education Programs; all accurate and additional reasons for you to tap into this data today.

Questions? Don’t know where to start? Drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to help.

Happy hunting!

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