5 SEO Tips for Site Re-launch

We often hear concerns around a site re-launch where someone will say “How do we keep our rankings when our site re-launches?” The standard answer is, “It depends.”  For a more complete answer, we took the question to Ask A Sage and posted a quick video with 5 SEO Tips For a Site Re-launch.

To be fair, it is hard to narrow down five universal site re-launch tips, so these are the five that we think are the most important, and that come up the most frequently.

It is also a really tough question, because a re-launch could mean many things. Is the re-launch a change of site structure or the code, is it reworking substantial content, is it deleting out of date information? All those choices can impact SEO, but generally speaking we have five key things to concern your self with to ensure a smooth transition. The final checklist we use to make sure a site re-launch is SEO friendly is a little longer, but these 5 tips will get you on the right path to a smooth re-launch.

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