4 Easy Tips For Getting Started In Microsoft AdCenter

I’ll admit it; I was a little hesitant to jump into the Microsoft AdCenter pool. I was completely content with living the rest of my life waking up next to Google AdWords every morning. Plus, isn’t life better when you stubbornly pick a side and get into great debates with your friends? AdCenter vs. AdWords, Appetite for Destruction vs. Use Your Illusions (APPETITE!!!), Roth vs. Hagar (if you said Hagar then there really isn’t much hope for you) and so on.

But Microsoft AdCenter, that enticing homewrecker, has swept me off my feet with her siren song. I won’t get into my laundry list of reasons for switching allegiances; just know that I’m officially a changed man. I urge you to put aside any biased feelings you might harbor and give AdCenter a try using these 4 helpful tips to remember when running PPC campaigns in AdCenter.

  • Be patient. The AdCenter interface is a little different than what you are used to with AdWords (can’t find that campaign you just created? Check the second page!) and, as with anything in life, give yourself a little extra time to get acquainted with a new thing. So sign-up for an account, and make sure you leave some time to play around with the interface. 
  • Save your marketing dough. The first thing you will notice when adding keywords is the price; AdCenter is much cheaper than AdWords. Even the exact match keyword is much cheaper in AdCenter than in AdWords. Make sure you don’t bid against yourself when bidding on keywords. 
  • Experiment. Just because something didn’t work in AdWords doesn’t mean it won’t work in AdCenter. You’re dealing with two different search engines and the possibilities are endless. So think back to that campaign that you swore was going to be a hit in AdWords but ended up going the way of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull*. Give it another shot and set it up in AdCenter. You may be pleasantly surprised. 
  • Download and use the Microsoft AdCenter Desktop. Take a look at my picture and notice the hair. Do you know why I still have it? Because I have accepted offline editors into my life. The Microsoft AdCenter Desktop has saved my colleagues and me an incomprehensible amount of time and frustration while setting up campaigns. Give these magical helpers a shot and I guarantee that you will cut your campaign set-up time in half.

I hope these tips help when setting up your campaign. Need any additional support or witty references to music and movies from the late-80s? Give me a shout in the comments section below and I’ll be glad to help.

Until next time…

*I apologize for mentioning this monstrosity. It’s probably best that we never talk about it again.

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